June 2018 !

June 7th, 2018; “First Thursday” Gallery Night

Alex Lilly (private collection)


Melchor Moore!

New works from these artists on display.

Alex Lilly’s work can be purchased through Michael Parsons Fine Art, 716 SW Madison, Portland (website:   http://www.michaelparsonsfineart.com/ )

Melchor Moore’s can be purchased at Willcall Art Gallery or you can contact him directly through this website:


Some samples:

Mr. Lilly



Limited Print Run- the real thing!

Mr. Moore:




Alex Lilly paints, prints, sculpts and sings about things many people do not want to think about.

Melchor works solely with acrylic, often leasing bold colors in gesture paintings.

Mr. Lilly is a Portland, OR native who has been at it for decades.  He is often motivated by current events.

Mr. Moore is from Wyoming and been living and painting in Portland for 4 years.

Both artists keep painting and will not stop!

Willcall Art Gallery is located at 625 NW Everett St. # 108 – by the parking meter.

One of Everett Station Lofts’ 16 storefront galleries, there is always plenty to see as one circles the block.

There are also many other galleries within 3 blocks, including the new PNCA campus, which is often open on the first Thursday of the month (especially during the school year).

Stop by for a water and a prune.

Looking forward to seeing you!

-Fred Rico

p.s. sorry about the ads..they were not there in the old days; I guess they want me to pay to make them go away.