Art of the Week: Jan 17 -24

Art of the Week, January 17 – 24, 2016

(I know that’s 8 days…)

Budvase 1, by Fred Rico, wood, glass, copper:  $ 140


Redwood Burl Cutting Board, $ 450

Art of the Week: Jan 9 – 16

Giraffe:  Acrylic on wood by Ziggy, 24″x 16″:  $400

Purchased from a studio/gallery on Broadway, same building, in 2014.   The artists moved to MN, but it was a school of painters in town.  The gallery owner said the painter was a Brit and used another name but that “Ziggy” was a nome de plume. Maybe not, but it’s a giraffe.  Possibly the giraffe.

Predates the death of Marius in 2014….

(Where are you going to get a giraffe for $400?)

Map of Portland, OR, burned pink leather by Fred Rico, 9″x 9″r:  $100

Someone needs this:

Cartographically correct map of Portland, Oregon by master cartographer G. Miller, burned into pink leather for a fund raiser. Um, nobody purchased it, in spite of the needy cause of…well, I’m still not sure what that needy cause was, but TG nobody bought it!

Was going to slice and sew the leather to the piece of wood, but ran out of time, hence the sloppy edges. It’s slapped on with some glue and 4 copper tacks; easy to adjust.

I did the map in ArcGIS (good grief), printed it on paper, put it over the leather and burned it with a wood burning iron.  I thought the rivers and highways would come out brown, but they came out greenish.  I guess that goes with the pink.  -gm


Glass Plate by K. Engstrom, 9.5″ x 14″:  $300
“Bacteria, trying their best to wait in line”, glass in wood by Fred Rico, 8″ x 11″:  $200
Acrylic on board by K. Carter, 17″x 22″ framed:  $500

The original title was simply “Get Out Of The City” but Keith thought it might be misinterpreted.  The question remains:  which side is which. -GM


Red Plate by K. Hashagen, 17.5″ diameter:  $ 300

Ken is really good, works in an art glass factory and has unlimited access to it all, which makes him really picky.   He has a real eye for color and texture.  The color in this photo is pretty close – it is a really good red.

1st Thursday Pearl Gallery Night

Thursday, January 7th, 2016:  Open House Art Galleries in the “Pearl District”

We are open tonight from 6-10pm.  Everett Station Lofts, # 108 (by the parking meter); between Broadway and 6th Ave, in the Pearl Village / China Pearl area.

Use the code word “blog” if you need to use the bathroom!